BREAKING NEWS: Property owners are expected to see record profits in 2023!

The U.S. Housing Supply Has Tumbled, But the Foreclosures Will Soon Surge In Specific Cities… Here's How to Prepare Yourself Now to Pocket HUGE Profits This Year!

Last January, I warned my readers about the coming real estate market crash. Some listened; others ignored it. But just as I predicted, the first wave of that crash slammed into this country like a 100-foot wave. The trouble is, so many people are STILL oblivious to it because it wasn't what they expected. Everyone was looking for the price bubble to burst – but what happened instead was a supply crash. The U.S. housing supply dropped 26% this year (down 43% since 2019), which means we currently can't adequately provide housing for our country's population.

A drop in supply usually spells BAD NEWS for us real estate investors – BUT HANG ON.

You see, while supply is down nationwide, a MASSIVE increase in foreclosures is unfolding in specific areas of the country. Some have already occurred, but factors like the expiration of moratoriums and the increase in evictions will continue impacting these foreclosures.


If you DON'T know EXACTLY where and HOW to focus your investing efforts in 2023, you'll be more likely to limp along and have a difficult (or horrible) year. But, if you follow my lead and focus on the areas I plan to invest in, then 2023 can be a blockbuster year for you.

In this letter, I'll reveal the importance of knowing how to find stealth deals, and how using creative financing (terms, rather than cash or banks) will be more critical than ever! I'm not holding anything back. I'm ready to reveal EXACTLY WHAT YOU MUST KNOW TO PROFIT during the upcoming market turn. Fortunes will be made by the precious few who are ready. The last massive profit wave that investors rode started in 2007, and we are here again. But I WARN YOU - - this time will be different - - you will need different tactics.

If you missed the profit wave in 2007, don't miss this one! Open this letter to find out more!

Dear Street Smart Investor,

You have a fantastic window of opportunity opening right now in real estate. The timing couldn't be better, and fortunes will be made by the precious few who are ready and take action.

In fact, by the middle of February, you could be heading to the bank to cash an unexpected $100K check. A check that would be the first of many to come in 2023…and for the rest of your life.

Let me explain…

You may not know it but the single most crucial skill a real estate investor can have is the skill of deal structuring? We make our profit when we buy… we only realize our profit when we sell.

So, if the deal isn't structured correctly upfront, you can’t pull maximum profit out later.

Let’s look at the two most common approaches to investing in real estate.

1. B&S - Most investors buy and sell single-family homes and work to build a portfolio. But very few know how to maximize a handful of single-family/small multi-family houses in a way that will produce passive income and absolute financial freedom.

2. F&F – These are the folks who go after one-shot profits by fixing & flipping houses. That can be an exciting business - but it's not financial freedom. When you're flipping houses, you've got to keep working to earn your next "paycheck."

You've got to keep marketing, negotiating, buying, closing, renovating, selling, closing again…And to be profitable, you've got deadlines to meet…and that means you've got to supervise your contractors constantly.

How is that different from running a retail business? Or having a job?

Most investors will also only learn ONE or TWO ways to complete a deal and then stick with it throughout all of their real estate deals.

If you invest in real estate using either of those methods, you need to know there is a better way!

It's grounded in the art and science of deal structuring, and it is the most important skill you can have as an investor! Now be honest, how much of your real estate education has involved studying deal structuring? Very little, if any, right? That’s because there just aren't many places out there to learn it.

Consequently, most investors don't know how to structure deals that make BIG money. But I'm going to show you how to quickly master the art of deal structuring and multiply your profits on every deal you do for the rest of your life. In fact, I’ll show you how to shave years off the timeline it would normally take to build a multi-million dollar portfolio that produces life-changing passive income!

But, before we continue, here's proof from just three of my investor students who used the deal structuring techniques I want to share.

Do you have the kind of excitement these folks do about your real estate business? Wouldn't you love to make profits like these without spending another dime on marketing, without spending an extra minute with a seller? Wouldn't you like to pocket $100,000 on a deal you thought was dead?

What would you do if your net worth tripled in 2023? Buy a car? A boat? Take a trip?

All It Takes Is For You To Simply Structure Some Of Your Offers Just Slightly Better.

You can make thousands of dollars on leads that others (maybe even you) have been throwing away.

Because truthfully, you can profit from practically any property, in any area with any seller!

All you need is the knowledge of how to structure an offer that makes the numbers work and translates into profit for you on the very same leads your competition is throwing away!

Once you have a lead, you’ve ALREADY DONE the hard part. Now all that’s left to do is pull in the profit. When you pull in profit on every lead, you won’t pound your head against the wall trying to get more leads.

You know what that means?

You Don't Have To Work So Hard!

You just need to apply the secrets of advanced deal structuring and take those leads that were headed for the trash and turn them into mounds of cash. Can you imagine what your life would look like if, starting tomorrow, you made a profit on EVERY single lead that called you?

How different would your life look in a year? Two years? Five years? That is the power of knowing how to structure a deal to make you the most profit, even when the deal looks like a loser.

So, the question in your mind right now is just how long will it take to learn how to structure these kinds of deals?

And the answer is…four days.

That’s right. Four, hands on days with me at my Millionaire Deal Maker training and you’ll never throw away another deal again. At MDM I reveal my best deal structuring secrets and show you how to craft true win-win deals, how to make offers that no seller can refuse, how to get into deals with no money and VERY little risk, and how to pull all the profit out of a deal.

At this event, I am even going to "fill-in-the-blanks" in other people's training and show you EXACTLY how to negotiate and structure every deal, even the ones you thought were trash!

Imagine that… you'll see how to extract actual profits from deals that you (and frankly 99% of other investors who have NOT learned my teachings) would have considered rejects, throwaways, garbage, something not even worth a second glance…the deals that EVERYONE ELSE IGNORES CAN BECOME YOUR GOLDEN GOOSE!

How to turn completely dead deals into huge piles of cash . . . Using a system that's duplicatable . . . So, you can have dependable income month after month after month . . . No matter what the economy or housing market looks like

Why a select few real estate investors get hot leads from sellers willing to pay them thousands to buy their homes . . . And how you can too!

Exactly how to close a real estate deal and make the most money with the least amount of effort every single month for the rest of your life

This training is the best real estate training out there.

Don't Take My Word for It, Listen To These Prior Attendees Share About Their Successes!

Attending The MDM Training is LITERALLY The Most Important Thing You Can Do for Your Financial Future!

You'll finally be able to have a step-by-step approach to creating deals effortlessly. I'll show you, and you'll learn:

Secret ways to lock in ZERO interest owner financing (think of the money you'll be saving in interest!) This alone is worth millions.

7 little known secrets that will steer you to tremendous profits in big houses… even as the market tanks.

How to quickly raise all the money you can stand for your deals. You'll learn how I've been doing it for years…and my new techniques to borrow at 0%, interest only…and even with no payments! No doubt - this will save you thousands!

A tiny little proven tip that can make you a small fortune with short sales. (and how to effortlessly avoid the deal-shattering mistakes most investors make!

In less than 5 minutes, you can know when a neighborhood is getting white-hot and ready to skyrocket in value.

Why NOW is the best time to "buy" your dream home. I will share how I used a straightforward tactic to move from a cramped 3-bedroom house to a spacious, new 5-bedroom, all brick house in just one day.

The only magic words – still unknown to most investors – that make the seller want to give you the deed to their house. (And even a check made out to you for your troubles!)

A new way to squeeze every penny from a deal. (I typically make an extra $12,000 on every deal using just one of the many 'profit center' strategies I'll share.)

What I (and other top investors) do to spot the very best investment properties before anyone else does.

How to fly below the radar screen in your town and do deals no one else will ever know about.

The insider's secrets to connecting the dots on any deal – so you smoothly structure a winning deal, all in a matter of minutes. And yet, you're not doing ANYTHING complex or difficult by following my simple formula.

Exactly which "short list" of killer techniques you absolutely have to know for negotiations. So there's never a moment where you aren't absolutely confident of what you should do next.

How to lock your deals up tight - so sellers won't waste your time, another investor can't steal it, or get cold feet while you decide how to sell the property for the most cash or any way you want to…

When you know my incredibly simple deal concepts… no matter what area of the country you live in, big-money deals will be falling into your lap without any effort from you. Even in a market where regular people are in BIDDING WARS to buy a house!

Plus… with my "personalized teaching" you will finally know when and where to use each one. There are no gray areas of doubt in this system. It's comprehensive, yet so simple you can use it immediately!

I never let anyone out of my training with any questions on implementation. I make sure that you know exactly how to take my systems, apply them to your business TODAY and start making more money with less effort tomorrow! You'll have the ability to easily break down deals to uncover the hidden profits you have been leaving on the table.

Dig Through Your Trash and Find Those Deals You Thought Were Dead!

Jackie Coleman from Washington, D. C., took my advice. She brought a deal to class she thought was a loser. I looked over the deal and showed her where the money was hidden. Jackie went back home, followed the simple plan we laid out and ended up with a check for over $109,000!

You'll Learn From REAL CURRENT DEALS and Case Studies That We Will Structure LIVE Right In Class!

Yes, you're going to see real-world deals, real-life case studies, visuals, and exactly how I get sellers to cooperate by offering them the right deal for their needs. REAL LIVE DEALS that you and other students will bring to the event - and you will watch me structure them - RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR EYES. Bring your own worst leads, and I will show you exactly where the profit hides in them! We do it live, so you understand how the deal was found, how it was funded, and how it was negotiated with the seller.

Through my personal training and the class exercises you'll participate in, you will learn hands-on with REAL DEALS and learn the right approach to structure multiple fast cash-making offers for any situation. You'll get short-term and long-term strategies to put the most profit from each deal in your pocket!

How 'freaking awesome' is that?

You'll leave the event knowing exactly how to uncover the seller's needs and how you can quickly craft the right deal for their situation! You'll be able to walk in behind other investors and create deals they never thought of, just like I regularly do.

This will set you free. One of my favorite Louism's - "Deals don't exist-they are created". You need the techniques known only to a few that can make you a world-class offer engineer and deal creator.

Bonus #1 Valued At $2,497... Millionaire Deal Maker

My Proprietary Manual, chock full of custom forms (developed over 30 years) with 37 different ways to structure deals! This is the VERY best collection of proven methods to profit. It is impossible to find a deal you can't close using these forms. I’ve used these for decades in my own business with enormous success!

Bonus #2 Value $2,497...Done For You Deal Docs

Our Exclusive and proprietary Real Deal Maker™ Software. Why is this valued at almost $2,500??? Because it is almost like having your own trained, $600 dollar an hour real estate attorney at your fingertips (except even the best attorney couldn't create what you will with this disc). Simply pop it in your computer, add a few pieces of information and PRESTO!!!! It creates four different offers, complete with all the docs!

Bonus #3 Value $3,495...Come Back as an Alumni for LIFE!

This training changes and improves each year because I update it with the latest cutting-edge discoveries and market changes. You'll want to re-attend this event (my most popular training) in the future and get a discount of $3,495! You'll get this discount every time you want to come back for as long as this event is offered.

Bonus #4 Value: $2,995...Your Plus One!

Bring a Spouse for $495 (Free if you register soon). Lord knows this business is tough enough without having to convince the one you love that it can happen.

I want your spouse (or another family member) to be on board with you. Their support is critical to your success. Bring them to this event because it takes a team, a team in the office, and on the home front for you to live the life you so desperately want and deserve.

Bonus #5 Value: (millions!!!!) ...How to Buy HUD Homes Even Cheaper!

HUD has identified five buyer types that are eligible to purchase HUD-owned homes. Certain conditions must be met to determine the eligibility of a buyer to bid on a particular home. I'll teach you how to buy at HUD Home store at way below asking price (this one tip has made some students millions of dollars this year!).

PLUS A few more surprises that I've decided to keep under wraps exclusively for the few who will be there. Will you come and get all this... or sit at home and regret missing out?

Just One Idea Pays For All Your Training!

Often students tell me they have come for just one idea. They understand that just one idea implemented is worth far more than the investment in the training. Smart thinking. And sure, just one idea from this training can easily put more money in your pocket now and forever. But I intend for you to have more. Why? Because you'll have a duplicable system that you can easily follow to the money.

You'll work on your business instead of in it! It's time to act NOW for your own and your family's future. Graduate testimonials reveal they learn far more than "just one" money making idea, and you will too.

PLUS, You're Covered By My Certifiably Crazy,
Take It to the Bank, No Risk, 100%+ Money Back Guarantee!

Some people think I'm nuts, but I want you to commit to this event right now, with no concern over the cost, what it's worth, or even if it's a good use of your time and money. Why? Because I know what it will do for you. So, I've made an iron-clad, no risk, no-nonsense guarantee.

No complicated legalese to wade through, it' simple and clear… I am completely confident you'll come without ANY REGRETS!

I think this is the best guarantee any trainer has ever given, and I want to offer it to you:

I've given this guarantee to hundreds for this event over the years, and I am still comfortable offering it.

Know why? Because no one has ever taken me up on it! There I said it.

I'm taking all the risk off you and placing it squarely on my team and me. If we don't deliver, then you shouldn't suffer. I cannot possibly make this any more of a simple brain-dead decision for you.

As You Might Expect, Admission to This Incredible Millionaire Deal Maker Event Is Not Cheap…

After all, not only do I teach you how to structure deals in ways no other trainer on the planet can, it's also quite common for me to show attendees how to make $5,000, $20,000, even $100,00 almost out of thin air, by resurrecting deals they thought were dead…and, they can repeat that profitable process for as long as they live!!

The event is designed to show you exactly how to get the maximum money out of every deal - AND INCLUDES A FREE bonus day of vital training.

On top of all the profit-packed training, you also earn the Certified Deal Specialist ™ (CDS) Designation.

I've seen other so-called 'real estate experts' charge people $1,000 to $5,000 per DAY for training that doesn't even come close to what you'll learn when you attend Millionaire Deal Maker™.

But you're not going to fork over an insane amount like that. In fact, use just one thing that I teach you at MDM and you can realistically earn your entire tuition back – PLUS a whole lot more.

I Have Got an AMAZING Deal for YOU!

This is how I will separate the tire-kickers from the folks who are serious about being successful investors.

Call 800 578 8580 to Register Now or Click Below
The Only Regret You'll Have is if you Do Nothing!

And don’t forget everything you will get when you attend this event:

= Total Value of Free Bonuses $11,481!!

Isn't that a pretty great line-up of valuable bonuses? I guarantee this is the best training in the industry to learn the skill of uncovering great deals.

Great deals don't exist; they are created.

You will be the creator of them, and I'm really excited to share with you my decades of experience in what really works! You are making the right decision to come.

Oh, and just in case you think this is some tired old event where you can hide in the back, that is NOT what to expect.

We are going to do breakout sessions where you'll team up with other attendees to solve problems and get coaching and support by some of my most successful millionaire students I've asked to be there!

You'll Get All This And More!

  • *Latest Lead Generation Secrets
  • *The Seller Interview Process
  • *Understand the Sellers' Pain
  • *Presenting Your Solution
  • *Delivering Your Presentation
  • *The Sales Process
  • *The Offer Process
  • *Contract Secrets
  • *Seller Finances You to Buy
  • *Seller Gives Zero Interest Loan
  • *You Take Over Their Payments
  • *Executing the "Subject To"
  • *The Magic "Cost to Sell"
  • *Long Distance Profits
  • *Overpay and Make a Profit
  • *Speedy Wholesaling for Cash
  • *37 different Deal Structures
  • *Seller Pays All Closing Costs
  • *The Big Money Exit Strategy
  • *Buying Any House, Anywhere
  • *Automation Secrets
  • *Online Offers
  • *Profit-Making Clauses

The fact is the MDM is a life-changing event.

After coming to this event, I have had students change their ENTIRE business model and start making 50%, 100%, even as much as 300% MORE MONEY just because they can work less, spend less, and make more off of each and every deal.

Friend, I'm talking about a life-changing advantage…

This event is about nothing but making you richer, faster! Can you think of anything that you need to be doing from March 16th-19th, 2023 that could be MORE important than coming to MDM?

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You simply can't afford not to come. I wish this had been available to me years ago, I left millions on closing tables. I would have paid a lot more to avoid that. Ah ha—the regret and power of hindsight.

Come learn to be a Millionaire Deal Maker and earn the Certified Deal Specialist™ (CDS) Designation in Atlanta, March 16th-19th, 2023. This is just pennies to invest for all the dollars you'll make!

Join the elite group of highly motivated players for this exclusive training. Call 18005788580 and get in while you can. Seating is limited for this one-of-a-kind event - so call NOW!

To your high profits and great success,

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Remember, by acting fast you will receive over $11,481 worth of bonuses as my gift to you. But you must act now to receive those exciting bonuses!

P.P.S. I am committed your success. That's why I will not overcrowd this event. Call or click below now to make sure you can get in this event before the decision-makers get all the seats!

Remember to bring any deals you couldn't work and leads you thought were dead. Let's find the money together. I'll see you there.

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